Spring Trip Home.

We recently went home for Sarah’s wedding, which was beautiful. I had not seen or been to the Brigham City Temple yet, a beautiful temple does wonders for the downtown of Brigham. It is always good to see family and Cohen being the only grand baby on both sides has a lot of people who attended to him. Which he loves. He is a real camera guy and will show off whenever the camera is around.

It was nice to have somewhat good spring weather, considering for UT. On Friday I took Cohen out to ride horses with my dad and Kenz. Bob- the horse was really sore but he trotted and even loped a little bit for Co. I love that my dad and Coco bear have such a cute little bond, makes my heart warm! I even love more so that Co loves animals and is not scared of them. It sometimes is so refreshing to go home and just deal with yield signs– Lyle makes fun of us, but I love it and beautiful mountains hugging you.  It was a fast and busy trip but we had a lot of fun.

Cohen did so good in the car both ways. We actually took I-15 home (freeway snobs) and when we were just 100 miles past Missoula there was a land slide. We were then re directed back to Missoula to take highway 12 home. We ended up staying the night in Missoula and made the trek through Lo Lo pass the next day. It was a beautiful drive and I am grateful the weather was permitting!


wedding wedding.jpg2

         Cohen is so Camera shy, can you not tell?

cocobear cohen cohen2 dad family 2 family family3 feet  unnamed 10007454_694740027230912_2145587513134796761_nIMG_1301 IMG_1300 IMG_1295 IMG_1294

1620744_10152320557221703_2008716027_n 10168117_10152320557181703_44707881_n brit and co


A Year in Review.

This past year has been crazy. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Despite the fact it felt like I was pregnant forever, Cohen will be 6 months old just eleven days in to the new year. I feel like our year did not really start until he was born. They say you don’t know what love is like until you have your own or how you lived before you have kids. Everyone says it, because it’s true.  We cannot pick up and go as easy, but my life has never had or felt like it has so much meaning and purpose. We have not been held back from doing one thing we wanted to do from having Cohen. He has been great to be drug around by us on all of our adventures. We are truly grateful for him, to be his parents and to have him in our lives.

As I reflect on this past year I cannot help but think this time next year Lyle will be in the home stretch of Vet School at WSU. I have grown to love Pullman so much and will truly miss it. I couldn’t list all the great things and people who are in that town. Most generous, caring people in the world. Truly a unique little place in the ‘hills’.

I do have a New Year’s goal to finish things. I start a lot of things, I mean a.l.o.t but then think it is not good enough to send out, finish or give. I have about 15 pending blog posts I never think are complete and a stack of Christmas cards I never gave out.

Here is our coco bear in his life review up to date.





Cohen 3 weeks old. At his weight check. Was not gaining all of his weight back from losing so much in the hospital. So eskinny!


1 month.


1 month.

1 month – feet.


2 months:


First Coug game.



Three months::


Naps are essential in our home.

These two are nap twins. No DNA test needed.

My mom is hilarious!

4 Months.

My dad is in charge of me
Everyday from 12:30-2:30 until mom
gets home.

Chopping wood with my dad

5 months old.

Changed for the better

They tell you when you have a baby your life will never be the same. Which is expected, but no one ever tells you that it’s possible to maintain function with so little sleep- which is not fair for us to say because he has never woken up more than 3 times a night. How hard it is to leave them, put them down, and that its even humanly possible to love someone else so much.

Lyle calls me momma bear because I prefer Cohen to be held by me or stay with me. Partially because I have to go back to work and need to soak up every second I can with him- knowing our little one on one time will soon become rare. On the contrary, I would probably be like that regardless. My apologies in advance.

Cohen is now 9 weeks old and it feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital with him. Sleeps from about 8:30-5:30,has found his hands now, can track, focus, coo and sometimes smile and when he does we are the proudest people on the planet.

We recently blessed him and are grateful to have both sides of the family be able to come. We had a fun weekend with both of them here. Cohen received so much attention he was exhausted by the end! Poor thing is not loved at all!

Here he is in his little outfit before church.


My favorite picture if these two.

He would stay in the tub all day if I let him. He loves the water and likes it almost too hot.

Gram with Co.
Cohen and I went home to Riverside to spend some time with my family after his blessing. We got to visit Grandma Doris, she was so excited and loved being able to hold him.

Palouse Empire Fair has become a yearly tradition after sort of just stumbling upon it our first year here.i look forward to the double dipped corn dogs, Indian tacos, nachos, FFA donuts, lemonade, funnel cakes and kettle corn. Did I miss anything? It is no Box Elder Fair but it sure is cute and fun!




Lyle and Co. Our evenings are spent just watching him awake or asleep.


Cohen’s first WSU game. 9/14/13
He was such a good boy the entire game but had a little breakdown after and slept 10 hours that night. We may have pushed him too hard.

Cohen Douglas

Welcome Cohen Douglas Whitaker

This picture was taken about a week before I delivered.  I was ready to POP…IMG_1210 IMG_1313

IMG_0628 IMG_1321


Granny Lola Came to visit me in the Hospital

Lyle and I had a long 3 days in the hospital before we actually got to meet our little guy.  The last few months I had been border line preeclampsia with up and down blood pressures, swelling,  and a high urine protein count.  At my 38 week mark my doctor was concerned with the severity of my swelling and BP and thought if my protein count came back high she would induce me early.

Monday  July 8 – My doctor sent me home with the 24 hour urine jug and said if this is high (over 300) I will start you tomorrow. That night I did not sleep one bit knowing it would be my last night ever only worrying about just myself as I went to sleep.

Tuesday July 9 – Lyle and I decided for breakfast we would eat at the Breakfast Club in Moscow. I still do not know how I ate because thinking back on it I get sick to my stomach as though I was waiting on death row.  Noon struck and we hooked up for the NST test, BP, blood draw, and handed in my jug.   20 minutes later the nurse said your results are in and your count is 1977 so you will be admitted at 5pm tonight and we will start.  Lyle and I came home took a nap, packed our bags, and prepared to have a baby that night or early the next morning.

Wednesday, July 10- They started pitocin at 5 AM.  I am going to say that the IV and cervical checks were the worst part of the day/birth all together.  At about 4:30, after they had left me on 32 mg of Pitocin as long as they could and another lovely check I was only dilated to a .5.  A .5? As I heard that come out of nurse’s mouth I shed a few tears.  Lyle wiped my face for me and I was dead serious when I told him I did not think I could do this again.  As the Doctor came in and addressed some other options she said we would start cervidil which would throw me into a hard labor but it would work. I had contractions but nothing passed the point of discomfort.  Cervidil made me dilate to 1,  yes a 1, by 11PM.  At 4AM I was to a 1.5.  At this rate I was going to have him on his due date 07-22.

Thursday July 11- Fast forward to 11 am, and still at a 1.5,  we talked about a C section which would have been my first choice to start off with. They gave me the 5th dose of Cervidil and said that if I have not gone into labor by 5 they would start the C section at 5:45.  As 4:30 approached I started to get more and more anxious and prayed like I have never prayed before. It was really happening, I was going to walk into a room and I would just have this baby a few minutes later. The rush of emotions was overwhelming and I am grateful Lyle was there because I slowly started to fall apart. They gave me every anti-nausea medication they could find and at 5:30 I walked myself to the OR. They made Lyle stay outside for the spinal and as I walked into this sterile white room with one table and doctors ready to go with their hands up in square position and all nurses masked I was having an inside melt down. I felt like somebody being executed, or a piggy going to market.  My spinal freaked me out because I was awake but could not feel the bottom half of my body.  I kept asking the anesthesiologist if I could just touch my leg.  She assured me my legs were there and it was good I could not feel them. I knew that but I just needed to touch them!  I just closed my eyes mentally shut down and just a few minutes later I heard the cry, more like a whimper, of Cohen. They cleaned him up and brought him back to me and he was perfect, and he still is.

My recovery has been really good.  I never felt any pain afterwards and have been up and moving since I got home from the hospital. It was a long wait but definitely worth it and we sure love him lots.

Back story: I always said my ideal child birth would be a procedure because I was scared to death of labor.

22 Weeks

20130312-105950.jpgBaby whitaker.

I knew since I found out was pregnant and had come to terms that I really was pregnant that it was a boy.

We are still undecided on names..

Lyle has gotten into fly fishing and goes as often as he can. I went once- but my iPad died, I was starving and started dry heaving on the way home since then I have stayed home.

I am still deathly ill if not on my zofran (the miracle drug) next pregnancy i am not going 13 weeks with out it. Even at 22 weeks I am still sick. last weekend they didn’t get my Rx refilled in time and it was a LONG weekend.

My belly is  always full. I feel I don’t have any more room and I still have almost 20 weeks to go. I blame my small torso for the close courters.

There were some changes at work so I have been working 10 hours a day and by the time I am home I just want to crawl back in bed.

sleeping quite well through the night unless i start running numbers really the price of daycare is the only thing that keeps me up at night. Most people spend more on daycare than their mortgage. Sadly we will be joining that group shortly.

I have not been emotional or hormonal. Per lyle.

No cravings. I do like my few pieces of dove chocolate a day and diet coke. However the new 7 UP 10 calorie with lime is my favorite non caffeinated non diet coke drink. I opened a diet coke at the OB once and you would have thought I was lighting up a cigarette in public.

That is a little bit about us… I will try updating more.

Ski Trip

Ski Trip

it is not that i do not like the snow it is that i hate more than anything to be cold.

We once again had a successful trip with the Godderidges’ to Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sand point Id.

I did not Ski but spent the morning at the spa- I was sad not to Ski but cannot complain about the way my morning ended up.

lyle tried skiing for the first time from the snowboard. we will probably become ski people. Sounds sophisticated.

we over ate  delicious food, watched insane tv ( who doesn’t in a hotel room).  we watched the original bat mobile auction off at a car auction for $3 mill.

Time for bed  9:30 PM– I know i was disgusted as well of how late we stayed up and misbehaved. in misbehaving we made wall hand puppets in the dark with a flashlight.

Could not have asked for a better weekend with better friends. Travis and Micall are my children’s guardians if anything happens to lyle or I. TJ and Micall this is your official notice.


3 Years My Friend


It seems like yesterday.

The words ‘do you know him?’ caught my attention by this person.

This intriguing person whom was wearing a lumber jack and sperry boat shoes had caught my attention. swing dancing.

Lyle? Kyle? no lyle with an L ( I remember the L because it reminded me of dodgeball L for love).

The feeling like we were old friends meeting up and i was not surprised by what he was wearing but slightly made me laugh. Someone that I could tell my life story but did not have to because in a sense he already knew.

years ago I was just a desperate girl who asked for a ride home.

whom had a belt buckle from Fallon Nv. which happened to lure him into my place. sounds premiscuous. i know.

A few trips to Fallon later, a bazillion i love you- i like you a lots,racked up phone bills, blocked cars, missed classes for lunch dates and a few years later we said our

i do’s.

now five years later we are more like phil and claire dunphy that I ever wanted to imagine. Knowing more about Nevada history then i have ever thought humanly possible.

we still make each other laugh unti we are sick at 4 am and we still fight like we are brother and sister.

Some how the little girl who would day dream for what her someday husband might look like – tan, dark hair, light eyes weighed over 130 lbs.( not to be too specific about my checklist)

even on not so good of days it feels complete.