3 Years My Friend


It seems like yesterday.

The words ‘do you know him?’ caught my attention by this person.

This intriguing person whom was wearing a lumber jack and sperry boat shoes had caught my attention. swing dancing.

Lyle? Kyle? no lyle with an L ( I remember the L because it reminded me of dodgeball L for love).

The feeling like we were old friends meeting up and i was not surprised by what he was wearing but slightly made me laugh. Someone that I could tell my life story but did not have to because in a sense he already knew.

years ago I was just a desperate girl who asked for a ride home.

whom had a belt buckle from Fallon Nv. which happened to lure him into my place. sounds premiscuous. i know.

A few trips to Fallon later, a bazillion i love you- i like you a lots,racked up phone bills, blocked cars, missed classes for lunch dates and a few years later we said our

i do’s.

now five years later we are more like phil and claire dunphy that I ever wanted to imagine. Knowing more about Nevada history then i have ever thought humanly possible.

we still make each other laugh unti we are sick at 4 am and we still fight like we are brother and sister.

Some how the little girl who would day dream for what her someday husband might look like – tan, dark hair, light eyes weighed over 130 lbs.( not to be too specific about my checklist)

even on not so good of days it feels complete.


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