Ski Trip

Ski Trip

it is not that i do not like the snow it is that i hate more than anything to be cold.

We once again had a successful trip with the Godderidges’ to Schweitzer Mountain Resort in Sand point Id.

I did not Ski but spent the morning at the spa- I was sad not to Ski but cannot complain about the way my morning ended up.

lyle tried skiing for the first time from the snowboard. we will probably become ski people. Sounds sophisticated.

we over ate  delicious food, watched insane tv ( who doesn’t in a hotel room).  we watched the original bat mobile auction off at a car auction for $3 mill.

Time for bed  9:30 PM– I know i was disgusted as well of how late we stayed up and misbehaved. in misbehaving we made wall hand puppets in the dark with a flashlight.

Could not have asked for a better weekend with better friends. Travis and Micall are my children’s guardians if anything happens to lyle or I. TJ and Micall this is your official notice.



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