Cohen Douglas

Welcome Cohen Douglas Whitaker

This picture was taken about a week before I delivered.  I was ready to POP…IMG_1210 IMG_1313

IMG_0628 IMG_1321


Granny Lola Came to visit me in the Hospital

Lyle and I had a long 3 days in the hospital before we actually got to meet our little guy.  The last few months I had been border line preeclampsia with up and down blood pressures, swelling,  and a high urine protein count.  At my 38 week mark my doctor was concerned with the severity of my swelling and BP and thought if my protein count came back high she would induce me early.

Monday  July 8 – My doctor sent me home with the 24 hour urine jug and said if this is high (over 300) I will start you tomorrow. That night I did not sleep one bit knowing it would be my last night ever only worrying about just myself as I went to sleep.

Tuesday July 9 – Lyle and I decided for breakfast we would eat at the Breakfast Club in Moscow. I still do not know how I ate because thinking back on it I get sick to my stomach as though I was waiting on death row.  Noon struck and we hooked up for the NST test, BP, blood draw, and handed in my jug.   20 minutes later the nurse said your results are in and your count is 1977 so you will be admitted at 5pm tonight and we will start.  Lyle and I came home took a nap, packed our bags, and prepared to have a baby that night or early the next morning.

Wednesday, July 10- They started pitocin at 5 AM.  I am going to say that the IV and cervical checks were the worst part of the day/birth all together.  At about 4:30, after they had left me on 32 mg of Pitocin as long as they could and another lovely check I was only dilated to a .5.  A .5? As I heard that come out of nurse’s mouth I shed a few tears.  Lyle wiped my face for me and I was dead serious when I told him I did not think I could do this again.  As the Doctor came in and addressed some other options she said we would start cervidil which would throw me into a hard labor but it would work. I had contractions but nothing passed the point of discomfort.  Cervidil made me dilate to 1,  yes a 1, by 11PM.  At 4AM I was to a 1.5.  At this rate I was going to have him on his due date 07-22.

Thursday July 11- Fast forward to 11 am, and still at a 1.5,  we talked about a C section which would have been my first choice to start off with. They gave me the 5th dose of Cervidil and said that if I have not gone into labor by 5 they would start the C section at 5:45.  As 4:30 approached I started to get more and more anxious and prayed like I have never prayed before. It was really happening, I was going to walk into a room and I would just have this baby a few minutes later. The rush of emotions was overwhelming and I am grateful Lyle was there because I slowly started to fall apart. They gave me every anti-nausea medication they could find and at 5:30 I walked myself to the OR. They made Lyle stay outside for the spinal and as I walked into this sterile white room with one table and doctors ready to go with their hands up in square position and all nurses masked I was having an inside melt down. I felt like somebody being executed, or a piggy going to market.  My spinal freaked me out because I was awake but could not feel the bottom half of my body.  I kept asking the anesthesiologist if I could just touch my leg.  She assured me my legs were there and it was good I could not feel them. I knew that but I just needed to touch them!  I just closed my eyes mentally shut down and just a few minutes later I heard the cry, more like a whimper, of Cohen. They cleaned him up and brought him back to me and he was perfect, and he still is.

My recovery has been really good.  I never felt any pain afterwards and have been up and moving since I got home from the hospital. It was a long wait but definitely worth it and we sure love him lots.

Back story: I always said my ideal child birth would be a procedure because I was scared to death of labor.


2 thoughts on “Cohen Douglas

  1. Rachael says:

    That’s crazy it took them so long to decide to do a c-section! Cohen is adorable!!! Congratulations!

  2. Mary says:

    You poor thing! I was thinking about you that whole time. It really is a miracle we get them here safe. Good thing he’s such a sweetie. Makes it all worth it huh?

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