Changed for the better

They tell you when you have a baby your life will never be the same. Which is expected, but no one ever tells you that it’s possible to maintain function with so little sleep- which is not fair for us to say because he has never woken up more than 3 times a night. How hard it is to leave them, put them down, and that its even humanly possible to love someone else so much.

Lyle calls me momma bear because I prefer Cohen to be held by me or stay with me. Partially because I have to go back to work and need to soak up every second I can with him- knowing our little one on one time will soon become rare. On the contrary, I would probably be like that regardless. My apologies in advance.

Cohen is now 9 weeks old and it feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital with him. Sleeps from about 8:30-5:30,has found his hands now, can track, focus, coo and sometimes smile and when he does we are the proudest people on the planet.

We recently blessed him and are grateful to have both sides of the family be able to come. We had a fun weekend with both of them here. Cohen received so much attention he was exhausted by the end! Poor thing is not loved at all!

Here he is in his little outfit before church.


My favorite picture if these two.

He would stay in the tub all day if I let him. He loves the water and likes it almost too hot.

Gram with Co.
Cohen and I went home to Riverside to spend some time with my family after his blessing. We got to visit Grandma Doris, she was so excited and loved being able to hold him.

Palouse Empire Fair has become a yearly tradition after sort of just stumbling upon it our first year here.i look forward to the double dipped corn dogs, Indian tacos, nachos, FFA donuts, lemonade, funnel cakes and kettle corn. Did I miss anything? It is no Box Elder Fair but it sure is cute and fun!




Lyle and Co. Our evenings are spent just watching him awake or asleep.


Cohen’s first WSU game. 9/14/13
He was such a good boy the entire game but had a little breakdown after and slept 10 hours that night. We may have pushed him too hard.


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