A Year in Review.

This past year has been crazy. I cannot believe how fast it has gone. Despite the fact it felt like I was pregnant forever, Cohen will be 6 months old just eleven days in to the new year. I feel like our year did not really start until he was born. They say you don’t know what love is like until you have your own or how you lived before you have kids. Everyone says it, because it’s true.  We cannot pick up and go as easy, but my life has never had or felt like it has so much meaning and purpose. We have not been held back from doing one thing we wanted to do from having Cohen. He has been great to be drug around by us on all of our adventures. We are truly grateful for him, to be his parents and to have him in our lives.

As I reflect on this past year I cannot help but think this time next year Lyle will be in the home stretch of Vet School at WSU. I have grown to love Pullman so much and will truly miss it. I couldn’t list all the great things and people who are in that town. Most generous, caring people in the world. Truly a unique little place in the ‘hills’.

I do have a New Year’s goal to finish things. I start a lot of things, I mean a.l.o.t but then think it is not good enough to send out, finish or give. I have about 15 pending blog posts I never think are complete and a stack of Christmas cards I never gave out.

Here is our coco bear in his life review up to date.





Cohen 3 weeks old. At his weight check. Was not gaining all of his weight back from losing so much in the hospital. So eskinny!


1 month.


1 month.

1 month – feet.


2 months:


First Coug game.



Three months::


Naps are essential in our home.

These two are nap twins. No DNA test needed.

My mom is hilarious!

4 Months.

My dad is in charge of me
Everyday from 12:30-2:30 until mom
gets home.

Chopping wood with my dad

5 months old.


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