Spring Trip Home.

We recently went home for Sarah’s wedding, which was beautiful. I had not seen or been to the Brigham City Temple yet, a beautiful temple does wonders for the downtown of Brigham. It is always good to see family and Cohen being the only grand baby on both sides has a lot of people who attended to him. Which he loves. He is a real camera guy and will show off whenever the camera is around.

It was nice to have somewhat good spring weather, considering for UT. On Friday I took Cohen out to ride horses with my dad and Kenz. Bob- the horse was really sore but he trotted and even loped a little bit for Co. I love that my dad and Coco bear have such a cute little bond, makes my heart warm! I even love more so that Co loves animals and is not scared of them. It sometimes is so refreshing to go home and just deal with yield signs– Lyle makes fun of us, but I love it and beautiful mountains hugging you.  It was a fast and busy trip but we had a lot of fun.

Cohen did so good in the car both ways. We actually took I-15 home (freeway snobs) and when we were just 100 miles past Missoula there was a land slide. We were then re directed back to Missoula to take highway 12 home. We ended up staying the night in Missoula and made the trek through Lo Lo pass the next day. It was a beautiful drive and I am grateful the weather was permitting!


wedding wedding.jpg2

         Cohen is so Camera shy, can you not tell?

cocobear cohen cohen2 dad family 2 family family3 feet  unnamed 10007454_694740027230912_2145587513134796761_nIMG_1301 IMG_1300 IMG_1295 IMG_1294

1620744_10152320557221703_2008716027_n 10168117_10152320557181703_44707881_n brit and co


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